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Elementary school can seem overwhelming to young students and to parents who are new to the experience of shepherding kids through this crucial phase of their young lives. Parents are their children's first and most important teachers, and, for children to be successful in school, parents and families need to be actively involved in their children's learning and stay involved throughout the year. This section of our Dahlia Heights website presents some ideas and resources to help kids with homework and help parents support kids as they prepare for a lifetime of success.


 How can parents support student achievement? Here are some important ways:

  • Help your children with their homework
  • Provide a supportive environment (a quiet place with reference resources, such as a dictionary and thesaurus)
  • Limit your child's TV viewing
  • Attend parent-teacher conferences
  • Attend parent meetings
  • Read to/with your children at least 20 minutes a day
  • Read school memos, newsletters, etc.
  • Teach basic discipline and ensure that your children know that you support school rules
  • Ensure regular, punctual attendance
  • Provide for rest and good nutrition
  • Set a good example for your children (including using proper language)
  • Encourage your child to ask for support when needed


  • Set a Regular Time for Homework
  • Pick a Place
  • Remove Distractions
  • Provide Supplies and Identify Resources
  • Be Available and Interested
  • Help Your Child Get Organized
  • Encourage Good Study Habits
  • Talk about the Assignments
  • Watch for Frustration
  • Give Praise
  • Look over Completed Assignments  
  • Work with your Child and/or Teacher to Resolve Problems


From speech delays to Asperger’s syndrome to dyslexia and advanced placement, special needs come in many varieties. No matter what the challenge, though, parents of students with special needs are well-served at Dahlia Heights. For more information, visit the sites below.

LAUSD Division of Special Education: The starting point for all your Los Angeles Unified School District special education questions. 

The Parent Resource Network:  Information on special-needs resources, as well as gifted and talented (GATE) programs.  

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE):  Information on the GATE offices, newsletter, and more.